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For millennia, the female form has been viewed as one of the most raw expressions natural beauty. Our graceful bodies have been the focus of many a form of art and inspired humans throughout time. Artists continuously attempt to tribute the female form through their work. Body type is irrelevant here, whether you are slender, curvy or have a big/small bum, they are your set of entirely unique feminine assets. These are worth immortalising through emotive art whether you are going couture or casual pin up.

Cute pin up girl by the ocean

The Culture

Look back in time and see that pinup art started its rise to fame towards the end of the 1800’s. The term we commonly use to describe this form did not arise until the 1940’s where the first traces of the word “pinup” have been first found in texts. In the mid 1900’s pinup started becoming more of a mainstream topic. Soldiers heading out to war would take pictures of their favourite pinup girls with them. Images of the most famous pin up models were mass produced and a generation would tare out pictures from magazine centrefolds for their walls or wallets. This cheekier side of pinup art still supports body positivity and pays homage to the female form.

Hugh Hefner launched his infamous Playboy magazine in 1953, Hefner had seen the popularity of pin up style and was aware that he initially needed to respect the innocence of the era. By 1955, most magazines were pushing boundaries in a similar way to playboy, the class and popularity started to be pushed out of the mainstream. Pinup went through a quieter period where magazine revenue was linked to how few clothes the girls were wearing. Pin up started its resurgence and today the culture surrounding pinup live on as strong as ever!

Now onto steps to find cute pin up clothing

– Pin up accentuates existing bodily features, dresses are generally tight fitting, especially on the upper body. Dresses wrap the chest creating a silhouette effect. Whatever you decide to go with, the dress should accentuate your figure and bring out other features that other dresses just can’t!

– Focus on the hips

Pin up dresses focus strongly on the hips, if you already have an hourglass figure you are lucky! Otherwise, finding a well fitting dress to enhance your hips should be easy with pin up dresses! One tip for accentuating hips is to find a fluffy skirt and wear it high on the waist. If you have been gifted a natural hourglass shape, pencil and tight fitting skirts can bring out your feminine curves.

– Show of your assets!

Décolleté is an important part of pin up fashion and also delicate to balance. Pin up is a flirty culture that promotes positivity of the feminine form. However, showing too much is not the goal here. Try to go for a top that teases but does not over-expose. Leave them wanting more!

Colour pallets for pin-up girls are generally pastels and bright focusing on the primary colours, reds (and pinks), yellow and blue. Black is also popular and can lead to a look that has more attitude… If thats the mood you’re going for!

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