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Want to hone in on your inner Bettie Page or Mae West?

Looking to WOW the crowd like Dita Von Teese or Jayne Mansfield?

Every pin up girl needs lipstick, a vintage dress, and an attitude to go with it.

But no pin up get-up is complete without a signature hairstyle! And that’s why we’re here to talk about the best pin up hairstyles that you’re sure to fall in love with.

From Rosie the Riveter to Marilyn Monroe, we’ve got 7 essential vintage hairstyles covered. Here they are…

1. Vintage Waves

Nothing says Old Hollywood more than wavy locks. And this look is a classic choice in pin up hairstyles that celebrities are still rocking in 2017!

First, you’re going to need clean hair. It’s best to wash it and let it air dry the night before. Be sure to apply thermal protection (since you’ll definitely use a curler).

To begin, create a part far onto one side. The part should be deep and pronounced.

Then, section off your hair using hair bands or clips. There should be a top, middle, and bottom section.

Start with the bottom section. Grab 1-inch sections of hair, and curl them!

You’ll curl your way section-by-section. Try to get them all to curl the same size and in the same direction.

Once you’ve finished curling, you’re going to form the waves. To do so, brush through the curls with a fine comb or a dressing brush.

Then, voila!

2. Retro Chic Ponytail

There’s nothing more girly and fun than a retro ponytail. This look is one of the cutest pin up hairstyles to rock with a casual style dress!

To begin, brush your hair. Create a slight side part using a comb.

Then, section off the front of the side parts with clips. These are the sections that fall in front of your face. You’ll leave this section alone for the time being.

Next, use a comb to tease the back section of your hair towards your head. You’ll then brush the front section over the teased back section.

Once you create a bouffant look, you’ll remove the clips. Then, you’ll be able to pull the side parts into a ponytail with the rest of your hair.

Next, take a curling iron and curl the ponytail into a single strand. Hold the curler for a few seconds before releasing. Use hairspray to hold the curl.

The front of the ponytail should have the most volume. You can complete the look with a colourful bow that matches your dress!

3. Victory Rolls

Looking for polished pin up hairstyles to go with your polka dot dress? Want to turn heads at brunch or at the club?

Victory rolls became popular during WWII. And today, they’re making a comeback for all types of occasions!

To start, you’ll need clean hair. Once it’s dry, spray it down with a generous amount of light hold hairspray.

Next, create a prominent center part. Then, divide your hair into a back, right, and left section.

Starting on the right side, brush the hair smooth. This look is controlled, clean, and polished, so you don’t want any stray strands.

To keep strands in control, you can use gel, wax, or spray that holds light. Heavy hold products can make it harder to work with the hair before it’s complete.

While still on the right side, take the ends and roll them upwards. You can also backcomb for additional support.

Once the rolls are ready, pin them down with bobby pins. Repeat this process for the left side.

You can style the back section any number of ways. Some women go for softer curls. Others go full polished by backcombing the back and finishing with hard-hold spray.

4. Bettie Page Bangs

More girls in recent memory are going for Bettie Page pin up hairstyles. And the most popular Bettie Page look would have to be the blunt fringe bangs!

But is it possible to create this look without fully committing to the real thing?

The answer is yes!

First, make a U shape part in your bangs or just behind your hairline. Then, tease this section of hair.

Next, snip a donut hair ring in half. The colour of the donut hair ring should be as close to your hair colour as possible.

Roll the section as tight as possible from the ends to the root using the halved donut hair ring. It’s OK if the ends stick out for now.

Once it’s rolled up, you can take the sides of the donut hair ring and pin them back. This part is a bit tricky. But you can also try pushing it back as you pin it down and out of sight.

Some women wear the rest of their hair down in voluminous curls. Others rock these bangs with an updo.

In any case, you’re bound to channel your Bettie Page side with this look – without the commitment to the real bangs!

5. Rosie the Riveter

Today, Rosie the Riveter is still a cultural icon. And more girls are rocking the feminist look with Rosie-inspired pin up hairstyles!

To begin, first, you’ll need to section off a portion of hair in the front for your bangs. Pin it down for now.

Next, curl the rest of your hair and pin the curls down to your head.

Then, curl the bang portion. You can use a curling iron or a hot roller. If it’s longer, pin it back and to the side.

Finally, wrap a bandana around your head.

And BAM! You’re embodying toughness and strength with this iconic hairstyle.

6. Pin Curls

This is one of the most effortless pin up hairstyles out there. And women have been doing it since the 1920’s!

To begin, you need to dampen your hair. You can fill a small spray bottle up with water.

Section off your hair. Then, take small strands in each section and wrap them tightly around your finger.

Next, slide the curl off your finger while still holding the curl. Pin the curl with 2 bobby pins in an X shape.

You’ll work your way through each section, pinning every wrapped strand. You should leave the pins in until your hair is dry. Leave them in overnight for the best results!

Finally, after releasing the pins, spray a liberal amount of hairspray. This will hold the look curls longer and better.

If you want to go for tight curls like Christina Aguilera’s, wrap and pin the strands tighter!

7. The Marilyn Monroe

This the ultimate iconic look of pin up hairstyles. Because it’s based on none other than… Marilyn Monroe!

To start, you’ll first need to apply hair mousse liberally throughout your hair. Focus on working the mousse into your roots around the hairline especially.

Then, part the hair using a comb. You should apply thermal protection since you’ll be using hot rollers.

Next, roll up your hair with the hot rollers. Leave them in until they’re completely cooled off.

Once you remove them, you can run your finger through your hair. This should soften up the curls. You can also apply hard-hold spray for a more maintained look.

You’ll look like a Hollywood bombshell in no time!

Complement Your Retro Look with Pin Up Hairstyles

It’s no secret that the pin up look has made a comeback. And now, girls around the world are channeling their inner pin up girl – every day!

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