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Pin up hair styles can require a fair amount of maintenance. Whether you are after wet set, heat set of prefer what we will discuss today, pin up curls. As with pin up style in general it will take some effort to craft each morning or evening. The small touches that perfect the look require regular practise combined with some skilful hands. Theses are things that we get faster at over time and secretly we love the process! If you didn’t enjoy it, you wouldn’t do it! We will show you the hairstyles to go with any pin up dress.

Pin up curls guide

Pin Up Curls – A Guide

If you are looking to get those perfect salon curls without the risk of damaging hair with curling irons and straighteners? Pin up curls are your answer! The may take a little more time but don’t require the heat straighteners do. It is the ultimate way to get the prefect retro look and the method is the same as in the 1950s!

Step 1: Wet Your hair

Jump in the shower before getting ready, this is a step I am hoping is routine for everyone… Not only will washing your hair help your curls last that bit longer, feeling fresh is pretty nice too. Rather than opting for a hair dryer, grab a towel and do it the old fashioned way. This will ensure hair remains the necessary level of damp for pin curls. At this stage, adding a little gentle hairspray or styling gel will be beneficial to ensure the curls hold.

Step 2: Get Curling

Take a section of hair and ensure straighten with your comb slightly so hair does not become frizzy as it dries. Start folding hair around your thumb and index finger and aim for curls around 3cm wide. Carry on rolling until you have curled the full length of your hair.

Step 3: Get Those Clips In

Hold those curls in place whilst you grab your clips. We recommend using alligator clips instead of bobby pins here. Alligator spread the pressure they apply to hair which prevents the ‘dents’ that bobby pins can leave. Clips also curve with the shape of the head so are much more comfortable if you’re sleeping in them. Work all the way around your head to ensure there are no stray strands and make sure those clips are all securely in place!

Step 4: Wrap It Up

Wrap your hair up in a towel or a head scarf if you prefer. This will keep you hair and the clips in place. Try using an absorbent material for the wrap to help take away some of the moisture from you hair. Materials such as nylon may also create a little static so it is best avoided here. If you preparing the night before, make sure the wrap is on firmly and won’t fall out when moving around in sleep, or whatever else you get up to in bed…

Step 5: Waiting Game

Preparation has been done and now it is time to wait for nature to do its magic. Take the time to sleep, do household chores, or just sit back and relax. Whatever route you choose, make sure to check your hair is completely dry before removing clips. Test using your fingers, then undo one of the clips to be sure! If you are feeling impatient or are just in a rush, be very careful with using a hairdryer. Hairdryers create frizz. If you must use then the lowest power setting and diffusers are your friends.

Step 6: The Reveal

Unravel those beautiful pin curls! Starting from the lowest point at the back of your hair, start setting those curls free. There is nothing more satisfying than popping those clips. Outcome those curls that have been created while your sleep.

Step 7: Style For A While

Now, your curls may seem temporary over pronounced. Do not fear! Initially your curls may seem a little tight as they have been held is the same position for hours. This is nothing a little comb cannot amped. Brush your hair through until you are happy with the look you have created. Add some hairspray to give your hair some hold and you’re ready to smash the day!

For those who have recently had chemical straightening treatments, it may be slightly more difficult to make your pin up curls hold. In this case we would recommend adding a little conditioner to your hair before clipping in.

Let us know if you have any more tips! We’d love to hear them.

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