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Shopping for new clothes is always an exciting time to re-examine your wardrobe.

Maybe you have the perfect heels to go with your new vintage dress, or you’re missing one last thing to tie your look together. It could be new jewelry, a headband, or maybe, just a different way of doing your makeup!

The best way to bring a vintage look to life is to know the ins and outs of vintage makeup.

Knowing the right makeup tricks can instantly upgrade a casual outfit or make a statement for a night on the town.

Here are seven ideas to get you started.

1. The Red Lip

A red lip truly is a girl’s best friend when it comes to vintage makeup.

The hardest thing about it is finding your perfect shade of red. Some ladies have a go-to color for everyday wear and another for the night time. Either way, the right red ensures you’re dressed for any occasion.

Red is a statement of confidence.

It shows you are a bold, sexy woman who is not afraid to own her power. Tied together with a soft vintage look, it balances the sweet side of every woman with the strength burning inside her.

Use red lips to turn heads at a big party or just date night at the movies.

2. Overdrawn Lips

For a real vintage take on things, don’t be afraid to go outside the lines.

Overdrawn lips work with reds, nudes, and almost any other color in your collection. This vintage makeup look dates back as far as the 1930s. Ladies loved it then for the ability to create a fuller, curvier pout.

Today, it has stood the test of time as a beautiful look.

The right lip liner and shade combination is the age-old alternative to modern tricks like botox and other injections. Save yourself the time and money and use classic styling secrets instead.

Opting for overdrawn lips is the perfect way to say you know who you are and you aren’t afraid to show it off.

3. Penciled Brows

When it comes to any look, you cannot forget about your brows!

It doesn’t matter if you have thin or thick brows, with a bold curve or not – they need some makeup love.

Always leave the house with a penciled brow to tie your look together. Shading them in adds character to your whole outfit. It makes people do a double take as other features on your face stand out too, like your eyes and smile.

This is more than vintage makeup, it’s a style secret women are using with many different trends today.

Plus, the right penciling can even hide a spare hair or two if it’s been a while since you’ve tweezed. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

4. Smokey Shadows

As you create the best brows, don’t skip on adding a little shadow to your eyes.

In fact, most vintage makeup trends actually say to add on the shadow and create a smokey look. Smokey doesn’t always have to be black and bold. You can play with different color palettes to reflect the mood of the day and your outfit.

Other tricks include doing just shadow and no liner, or a subtle smoke.

Smokey eyes without liner tend to be the boldest of any. It’s a look to really draw attention to the natural beauty of the eyes. With this take, you will apply below the eye almost as much as what’s on the eyelid.

Subtle smokes have more variety.

They can be just on the crease of the eye and paired with a liner or not, it’s really up to you. If you aren’t already using shadows in your makeup routine, this can be a good place to start.

5. Winged Eyes

Winged eyes are the secret to making your vintage makeup soar.

There are many different ways of achieving the perfect wing, and you can draw inspiration from various decades as well.

A subtle wing is great for casual trips to the coffee shop or lunch with your favorite ladies. If vintage fashion is your go-to style, rocking a wing consistently can become a signature part of your everyday routine.

You may be a little intimidated on messing up at first, but over time, it will be just as simple as applying foundation.

The best way to get started on mastering the wing is to take it step by step. Don’t try to do it as you’re rushing out the door, and maybe even have a friend help you.

Some ladies opt for liquid and pencil liner as they style, while others stick with their favorite for any liner look.

6. Contouring

Contrary to popular opinion, contouring is not a new trick, nor is it a fad.

It’s a fabulous vintage makeup secret making an impressive comeback.

The cat is truly out of the bag as women around the world are learning new techniques and tricks to create dimension with makeup.

Contouring lets you define your cheekbones, make your blush pop, and more with the right colors and brushing combinations. The different levels of contouring work with the various moods of the day.

You can do a subtle, quick contour for a regular morning going into the office then glam it up as you head to happy hour.

7. Beauty Marks

Add the final touch to your vintage look and channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with a beauty mark.

This makeup trick works if you already have a natural mark or if you want to color one in. It’s a dash of elegance to wrap together any look, vintage or not.

Beauty marks are unique to each woman. They express a certain level of confidence and individuality and have made quite the comeback on international red carpets.

Find the Perfect Vintage Outfit for Your New Vintage Makeup

Ready to put the makeup tricks above to the test?

Pick out your favorite vintage outfit or shop for a new floral dress to show off the beautiful woman you are.

For more style tools, tricks, and ideas click here.

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