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Today we’re going to discuss something a little different. Different in the sense we haven’t yet discussed this topic on our blog very much before.

In todays society many girls care more about their appearance than their physical health.

Girl on top of hill overlooking sunset

Over half of girls feel pressured to be skinny.

And a strong proportion of boys feel pressured to be muscular.

There endless stats to show that body image is a huge issue around the world.

We all go through dark periods with our own body image. Phases where we just feel a bit unhappy with the way we look.

In this video we are going to discuss some of the methods we use to stay confident in todays image centric society.

Your body isn’t supposed to be visually pleasing

Your body isn’t supposed to be sculpted and toned, or all one shade of one colour with no marks or stretched skin. Thats not what a body is supposed to be like. A body is a vessel to your soul and who you are. It is supposed to be imperfect. Marks on your body, bumps from falling over tell a story. Cuts show what you have been through in life, fun experiences. Your arms are to hug people they’re not supposed to be small. Your legs are so you can dance and jump. They’re not supposed to be toned. Cellulite and stretch marks and other marks are beautiful as well. Society has made you feel like its not. Society has to change, not you. Your body’s function is to keep you safe and look after you. The diet industry is out there to make money from our insecurities. In school, you’re usually picked on from the way you look. As you get older its just packaged differently. You’ll open magazines and see how to lose a stone in a week and on the next page ill be a recipe for full fat brownies. We’re being bullied. If we all loved our selves and were happy with the way we looked, so many businesses would go out of business, so many people would lose their jobs and the diet industry wouldn’t be a thing any more. The moment you want to have your lips done, or lose weight so you go to weight watchers and they are making money off you because you are insecure about the way you look

Humans are more than what they look like

We need to start empowering people – when we are young and think we look different to everyone else, and don’t see people who look like us growing up and achieving things. When we look at magazines we see glossy thin white models, not what young people should be looking up to. This is not what we want our future children seeing. Young people need to be exposed to women out there achieving things that have nothing to do with their looks. Women that are making laws in 3rd world countries, women fighting for freedom, there are women all over the world doing incredible things because they are more than what they look like. We are more than what we look like. Society may make us feel we should look a certain way, looking pretty – thats not what women are. We’re more than what society makes us think we are.

Put Trust in Your Own Body

Trust your intuition and eat intuitively. Listen to your body. Society makes us thinks we should eat and work a certain way. Effectively punishing ourselves to look a certain way. But if you trust your own body, and trust our gut instincts in the face of so much advice on dieting, so much advice on getting abs, advice on getting a bigger bum. Trust your instincts with exercise, exercise because you love your body. Eat in a balanced way because your love your body. Dont restrict because you want to look a certain way. We just need to put a little trust in our bodies – they have carried us this far and we are still going. Although we’ve beaten ourselves up and done silly things to look a certain way, our bodies are still here looking after us.

Losing Weight Will Not Make You Happy

I know many people know that losing does not cause you to be happy. All of us have been bigger and smaller than we are now. I used to think by losing weight I would be a lot happier, my mental health issues would dissapear, image issues would be a thing of the past. And that losing weight would make be so incredibly happy and all of my problems would be solved. That is one big lie. Losing weight doesn’t all make you happy. Body confidence and being happy comes from within and isn’t always to do with what you look like. Love yourself unforgivably – you dont have to change yourself.

We hope that you keep these points in mind when you go through a weaker patch.

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