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Want to rock clothes like the Queen of pin-ups?

Ever since her infamous rise to pin-up superstardom in the 50’s, Bettie Page has remained a cultural icon for women, all over the world.

With deep blue eyes, black hair and her trademark bangs, Bettie remains an influence on the fashion world to this very day. It’s 2018, yet women still love to flaunt their Bettie Page clothes, wherever possible.

Sound familiar? Then you’ll want to keep reading. Here are 7 top tips for mastering the Bettie page look.

Let’s get into it.

Wear Polka Dot Everything

Rule 1 for mastering Bettie Page clothes is to add a whole lot of polka dot to your wardrobe. One of Bettie’s favored styles, she wore polka dot for her shoots often. For you, the opportunities are limitless.

Polka dot swimsuit? Oh yes.

Polka dot dress? Absolutely.

Polka dot hair bows? Of course.

Be Fearless with Lingerie

More often than anything else, Bettie was pictured in stunning lingerie. In fact, she often made her own lingerie, especially for her pro shoots.

Bettie gave license for young women to be creative. Follow her mold and make bold choices when it comes to lingerie.

Style a Pair of 1950s Kicks

When it comes to shoes, Bettie boasted quite the collection of specialty pairs, due to the many photo and film shoots she was part of. We suggest you opt for one of three options:

  • Peep toes
  • Sling-backs
  • Classic black pumps

The latter is our favorite. No matter your choice of Bettie-inspired outfit, a classic pair of black pumps should match perfectly.

Choose Leopard Print

If it’s in animal print, buy it!

Bettie’s love for animal print was so iconic that it even featured in the title of a documentary about her life, ‘Bettie Page: The Girl in The Leopard Print Bikini’.

Whether it’s a purse, belt, scarf, or hat, leopard print adds a real kick to your look. Fashion can speak volumes about your personality, and leopard print is a great way to show you’re strong, ferocious and sexy.

Be Daring with Long Black Gloves

Check out photo shoots of Bettie and you’ll soon notice a common trend. Long, black gloves.

Admittedly, this is a gutsy choice for daywear and may feel a tad ‘out there’ for some. But if you pair it nicely, you’re onto a real winner. A dark dress is just the ticket.

Once you learn to own the look with confidence, it’s one you’ll come back to time and time again.

Accessorize with Leather

So you’ve got your outfit sorted, but just feel it needs a little more edge?

One word. Leather.

Bettie loved adding leather accessories to compliment her outfit. Leather belts and handbags both work particularly well.

In fact, black leathers will perfectly match your classic pumps, while remaining subtle enough for your vibrant dress to take center stage. Perfect!

Pair Your Bettie Page Clothes with Confidence

It’s not just about the garments. Bettie Page clothes will get you part-way there, but the biggest part of her look was undeniably her confidence.

Like many other pin-up girls, Betty’s allure was driven by her fearless attitude and confidence in what she wore.

Follow her lead! Take our ideas above, then adapt them in a way that suits your personal style and makes you feel gorgeous.

How to Dress like Bettie Page

Need more inspiration? You’re in the right place. Why not stick around and check out more of our pin-up wardrobe essentials?

Which part of Bettie’s style did you love the most? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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