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Year after year, fabulous patterned dresses stalk down the runway at various international fashion weeks. Patterns can be bold, playful, and artistic. The right patterned dress can become a staple in any woman’s closet. It’s the perfect piece that makes you feel breathtaking.

However, bold patterned dressed can sometimes be difficult to accessorize. The more complex a pattern is, the harder it may be for you to figure out what accessories match. From belts to sunglasses, there are many great ways to set yourself apart with unique accessories.

Matching the wrong accessories with the wrong pattern an lead you to look like you don’t know how to dress. A bold pattern will definitely get you noticed, but there are many ways to pull them off without looking like you are trying too hard.

Read on for tips on how to match accessories with your perfect patterned dress.

Floral Dresses

Floral patterns have had their moment time and time again throughout fashion history. For a while, they were considered too feminine for the modern woman. Recently, floral dresses are experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

This renewed interest is due to new color combinations, and bold accessories that designers and celebrities have begun pairing with floral dresses. No matter if you pick a big or small floral print dress, what you pair it with takes it to the next level.

Floral dresses can look feminine and be a showstopper if properly accessorized. It’s essential to find the right accessories to highlight your floral patterned dress instead of distracting from it.

Pattern Size

A good rule of thumb is to remember that larger floral prints make the body look larger, while smaller floral prints make the body looks smaller. Of course, this is a general rule, and there are a variety of floral prints that can look great on many different body types.

Creating Lines

A busy flower print can sometimes add bulk to the body shape. A great way to balance this out is to choose a dress style with flattering lines.

For example, a shorter dress with a cinched waist or a long dress that is tailored to the torso and bust can provide the necessary lengthening and slimming lines to offset a busy floral print.


Floral dresses usually utilize bold and bright colors. One of the biggest fashion faux pas is pairing a bright colored floral patterned dress with equally bold and colorful jewelry.

Accessorize a floral dress with jewelry that is subtle and simple. A bold statement jewelry piece will not only distract attention from the dress but will also clash in tones and colors.

A better choice is to choose simple drop earrings or studs, a simple chain with a small pendant, or a light bracelet. The rule of thumb is definitely that less is more. Simple classy pieces work best in this situation.


Shoes have the power to make or break any outfit. For floral dresses, steer clear of wearing bold and colorful shoes. Bold floral printed dresses are best worn with shoes of neutral shades. Another option is to pick one of the more subtle colors of the dress and match it with your shoes.

An edgy idea that you may want to play with is to pair your floral dress with black accessories. By pairing black shoes such as black gladiator stilettos or flats to your feminine floral dress, you can create an edgy and chic look.

When choosing shoes to wear with any outfit, you should always remember to think about the style of the dress as well as the occasion to which you will be wearing the outfit.

For example, a fun mini-dress in a floral pattern can be worn with wedges for a playful look. A knee-length floral dress with a nice jacket could be great for a more formal office look. A loose-fitting maxi floral dress looks great with a pair of sandals.


A good rule of thumb when it comes to matching a handbag to your floral dress is to pick a bag that matches the most prominent color in your dress. However, if the most prominent color in your dress is too bright, it may make the overall outfit a bit too loud.

In that case, it is always a safe bet to tone it down with a solid neutral bag in a complementary color. Tans, whites, and grey can all be great choices.

If your dress’s floral prints only encompass two colors, then it could look great with a solid colored bag. Red often times works with a combination of various colors.


A belt is an accessory that can add a lot to your floral patterned dress. A belt cannot only add a pop of color, it can provide a much-needed contrast and also aid in more flattering lines for the body.

For example, a black and white floral dress works well with almost any contrasting belt color. Red and blues are both very popular options. If you have a floral dress that has many colors in it, choose one of the colors and match the belt with it to give a more cohesive look.


Depending on the weather, you may have the option to match a jacket or sweater to your dress. The addition of a leather jacket or blazer will give your outfit a much different feel. Layering is always a great way to bring more complexity to your outfit as a whole.

A blazer can make your floral dress office ready while a leather jacket offers a more edgy look. Denim is also a great choice to pair with a floral dress because it is simple and gives a great girl next door quality.


A lot of people forget that hair is one of your most important accessories. Your hair is also an accessory that can be changed and styled in a multitude of ways to improve the overall look of your floral patterned dress.

With floral patterned dresses, one of the most popular hairstyles can help you channel your inner flower child. Tuck a fresh flower behind your ear or weave in small daisies into your braid for a whimsical and feminine look.

You can also incorporate flowers into your hair bands and ties for a flirty music festival look. There are tons of different hairstyles that you can experiment with to give a different feel to your overall look.

Animal Print

Animal prints are bold and primal and can be particularly difficult to accessorize. Sometimes an animal-patterned dress can look costume-like and cheap with the wrong accessories.

It is entirely possible to style your animal-patterned dress in a classy and beautiful way. Read on for some tips on how to accessorize with an animal print dress.


Depending on the type of animal print your dress is, most animal patterned dresses can be quite busy. Because of how busy the animal pattern is already, you should probably stick to more simple jewelry as accessories.

For example, a popular animal print dress features leopard spots. Leopard spots tend to be embellishment enough already, so choosing a long gold necklace or a simple string of black beads are great options to highlight the gold and black tones of the pattern. Gold or black earrings and gold bangles are also great choices for a leopard patterned dress.

Jewelry is a great way to highlight the dress and also show your own unique style. Choose pieces that will not clash with the animal print, and instead bring a classy or funky feel to the overall outfit.


Leopard patterned dresses and other animal prints typically work very well with a solid black handbag. Animal print dresses do not work well with other patterned bags, as it can clash and become much too busy.

Depending on the occasion, you can choose a more formal purse for business occasions or a slouchy tote for a more casual occasion. Another good idea for a leopard print dress would be to choose a handbag with a subtle gold clasp or chain to highlight the tones of the dress.

Adding a Dash of Red

Red accents are a popular and more daring choices to pair with an animal print. Many designers have paired bright red heels or belts with their animal print dresses to create a more dramatic look.

Red nail polish or lipstick also add a sophisticated and sultry edge to an animal print dress. However, keep in mind that too many red accessories can overdo the look.

A good rule of thumb is to limit your red accessory to just one item. Whether it be a clutch or a bright red lip. This will ensure that you do not distract from the dress itself.

Geometric Patterns

Many of the rules for floral prints and animal print dresses also apply to geometric patterned dresses. Simplicity and balance are all important to achieving an overall great look.

Many geometric patterns can be very eye-catching and also very artistic. Making sure that the print on your dress is the star of the show is important. Too many accessories are not a good idea when it comes to a dress that features a unique geometric pattern.

Highlight a Color

When wearing a geometric patterned dress, you should use your accessories to highlight a color in the dress. Choosing one of the brighter colors in the dress to highlight will give your outfit a more playful and bold feel. Choosing to highlight a more subtle color will give you a more classy look.

For example, a geometric print that has yellow and grey could be accessorized with a yellow belt. Or you may choose to highlight the grey with a great grey handbag.

Don’t forget the shoes. Shoes will complete any funky geometric dress. Many geometric dresses have a more mod feel, and pairing it with a bright colored pair of chunky heels can be the perfect fit.

Keep it Simple

Many geometric prints can be unique and artistic. That is why it is vital to keep it simple and not draw too much attention away from the pattern.

Too many jewelry pieces or statement accessories can confuse the viewer’s eye. You should save your interesting statement piece jewelry for simpler dresses and instead choose simple pieces for these glamorous prints.

For example, studs or simple hoop earrings add a little bit of sparkle without distracting from the rest of the outfit. A small purse or clutch will not draw too much attention so that the focus can be on the patterned dress itself.

Ready to Style Your Patterned Dress?

Lots of women love patterned dresses but shy away from wearing them because they have no idea how to accessorize them properly. It can be hard to navigate what looks good and what doesn’t with a patterned dress.

You should always first identify the kind of pattern you are working with and then choose accessories in colors and styles that work best with that pattern type. There are many ways to dress a patterned dress up or down. Make some bold choices to really show your own unique style.

With some research, a little trial and error, and a good eye, you can come up with a many different ways to wear your new favorite patterned dress.

Check us out for some more great dress ideas!

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