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If you want a classic look that’ll never go out of style, embrace pin up looks. Just consider at Dita Von Teese — she’s been rocking the pin up thing for decades.

Whether you want to go all out or keep it casual, pin up style is a gorgeous addition to your life. It’s all about being classy and sexy without revealing too much.

Today, we’ll go through how to nail the look of a pin up. Your hair, makeup, and clothing all need to be on point to nail the pin up life.

Let’s get into it!


Pin up hair is the perfect way to show the bouncy, fun personality of the look. You can create almost any pin up hair look by embracing one thing: curls!

Grab your bobby pins, curlers, curling iron, and about ten gallons of hairspray. Once you create your perfect curls, you want them to look voluminous and stay in place.

Some of the iconic pin up looks for your hair are pin curls, victory rolls, up-dos, and faux bangs.

Classic, curled hair is the perfect way to create a bombshell, modernized pin up hairstyle. If you want that classic 1950s retro look, go with something like the victory rolls or a Rosie-the-Riveter-inspired up-do.

Don’t forget your accessories! While they’re not necessary, a headband or bandana pulls together any pin up hairstyle.

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Makeup Pin Up Looks

Pin up makeup is the key feature of the look. It’s also the easiest way to pull pin up influence into your everyday life.

That’s because pin up makeup is all about classic, clean lines. The neutral makeup shades and bright red lip never go out of style.

Let’s break down a classic pin up makeup look.


Your foundation and contouring shouldn’t take centre stage. But they should be flawless.

In a pin up look, the foundation serves to create a flawless palette for the rest of your makeup to contrast against. You should use whatever combination of foundation, concealer, and powder that makes your skin look as smooth as possible.

Pin up makeup is also usually matte. For the traditional look, you don’t want a dewy foundation.

Add some contouring under your cheekbones to make them look higher. You can add a little pink blush too, but avoid highlighter.

This part of the look is understated.


A pin up eyebrow should be well-groomed. Little about this makeup look is “natural,” so pull out the tweezers for your brows.

You want to create a nice arch. There should be a straight line leading to the arch, where it tapers off into a smaller line.

This is the most flexible part of the look though, so choose a shape that feels right to you. With an eyebrow pencil and some concealer, you can get the clean lines needed for the look.


Your eye shadow should be fairly simple so the liner and lashes can steal the show. Most pin up looks use a light eyeshadow base and contour the crease with a neutral color, like a muted brown.

The eyeliner is the most fun, and most challenging, part of the eye. Grab a liquid or gel liner and draw a cat eye or winged look.

You might need practice. But once you get the liner, it’s the easiest way to bring pin up to every day.

Then, add false eye lashes to finish the eyes off with some pin up volume.


Red lips are a classic for the pin up look.

As with the foundation, keep it matte and stay away from glossy lipstick. Make sure to line your lips with red liner, too.


Nails are a small part of the pin up look, but the details matter if you want to go authentic.

The rule of thumb here is to match your lipstick and go with red. But if you’re someone who likes the fun side of pin up looks, don’t stop at basic red.

Add some pin up nail art, like a touch of leopard print. Or, emulate pin up icon Dita Von Teese with half-moon nails.


Hair, makeup, and nails are great, but what screams pin up is the clothing. The key here is to accentuate your curves without showing a lot of skin.

Pin up looks are all about the combination of sexy and classy. The clothes are where that shines through.

Tops support the breasts nicely and show a little cleavage. Common styles are halter tops or even cardigans with a bustier underneath.

They work in balance with the bottoms, though. For example, a shirt paired with high waisted pants will show more cleavage than one paired with a short skirt.

Pants and shorts are almost always high waisted. This emphasizes the waist and shows the curves of the hips.

Dresses and skirts work the same way. They’re almost always fitted around the waist and flair out slightly to emphasize the shape of the hips.

If you’re someone with small hips, a pin up dress or skirt would be perfect for you to achieve the “curvy” look of many pin up models. Another way to enhance your shape is with a corset-style piece of clothing.

Colors are often very saturated red, blue, or black. White and pastels also find their way into the clothes, though.

Try to choose clothes with classic pin up patterns. Polka dots, small checkered prints, stripes, leopard prints, and cherry patterns are all popular.

When it comes to shoes, they’re always heels. They’re typically 2-4 inches and come in similar patterns and colours to the clothes.

Popular pin up styles are pumps, platform pumps, and wedges with straps.

Confidence Is Key

These details all constitute “traditional” pin up looks. But the biggest part of pin up style is confidence.

If glossy lipstick makes you feel more confident than matte, go for it. If you’re not curvy and want to wear high waisted trousers and a bustier, rock it.

Pin ups are sexy because they’re confident in their look. Take these ideas and adapt them in a way that will make you feel sexy.

What looks from our shop would make you feel sexy? Which aspect of the pin up look is your favourite? Leave a comment to let us know!

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