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Your wedding is one of the biggest and happiest events of your life. You definitely want it to be elegant, classy and beautiful.

Planning a vintage wedding can be a great way to make it all of those things while also staying on a budget. We are going to take you through 10 things that will give your wedding a classy, vintage feel.

1. Invitations

Everything starts with your invites. Try looking up some vintage wedding invitation designs to model your invites after.

A great way to give a vintage feel is to use a typewriter, or at least a typewriter font, in order to create the invitations. You can also use thick, yellowed paper to make it look even more classic vintage as well.

2. Tea Cups and Tins

This might seem a little random, but hear us out. You can go to secondhand stores or even order some brand new, vintage-looking tea cups and tea tins to instantly give your wedding a touch of vintage.

The old designs will definitely bring that feel to your wedding. And these can be used in so many ways; they aren’t just for tea!

You could use them as candle holders, plant pots, flower vases, and even as decorative centrepieces! No matter how you use them, they will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to a vintage era.

3. Dried Flowers

For some reason, the look of dried flowers gives off a vintage vibe. There are so many ways to use dried flowers in your wedding to create the classy vintage look you’re looking for.

You can use dried flowers in centrepieces, hang them behind chairs or pews, scatter them along the aisle, use them for corsages or pinned to the men’s coats or vests. You also don’t need to use “fresh” dried flowers; they make fake dried flowers, which can definitely help if you’re on a budget.

4. Lace Is a Must!

Of all of the materials out there, lace is the one that comes to mind when you think “vintage.” But the use of lace doesn’t have to stop with a dress.

Lace can be decorative as well. Use some lace as part of the table settings, draped along the pews of the aisle, as a headband, in accessories, or even wrapped around tea lights or cups.

Get creative with this one. Lace really screams “vintage,” so think of some interesting and new ways to utilize it throughout your vintage wedding.

5. Vintage Wedding Dress

One of the biggest decisions of planning a wedding is the wedding dress. Your dress choice will, of course, depend on your personal style and desires; it is your wedding dress after all!

But there are certain ways to ensure your dress matches your vintage wedding theme. We already mentioned that lace is a great option to give you that vintage feel. You can also search secondhand or consignment shops for used wedding dresses for a real authentic vintage dress.

6. Vintage Accessories

Your look doesn’t stop with the dress. If you want to go all the way with your theme, your accessories can also give a vintage vibe.

We already mentioned that lace can also be used in accessories as well as the dried flowers. But this is another area when you can get really creative. Old keys can make great pins and necklaces. A classic pocket watch is another great accessory for the groom and the groomsmen.

You can also look for vintage shoes, hairstyles, ties, as well as rings and jewellery. Some of these things are new and are just inspired by vintage design, but you can always look through thrift stores and consignment shops as well.

7. Table Settings

Your guests will spend a lot of time at their table, which makes the table settings and décor important for implementing your vintage theme.

The good thing is that there are plenty of ways to make the tables look vintage and old-school. You can use vintage plates and silverware and use interesting vintage centrepieces.

The tablecloth is also a great way to inject a vintage flair. Floral designs can often give a vintage feel as well as the use of lace and certain colour schemes.

The place cards are another thing that you can give a vintage design. Similar to your invitations, you could use a typewriter or a typewriter font to create a vintage feel.

This is a chance to get creative! You could glue on some old buttons, use pieces of lace, glue some bows, use older looking paper, and even tie the card around an old key or trinket.

There is a lot to think about with your table setting design, and each element can have a vintage inspiration. From the napkins to the placemats to the place cards, you can make it all vintage and classy.

8. Lighting

From candles on the table to light fixtures during your ceremony, you have a lot of lighting options to go along with a vintage wedding theme.

Candles are definitely a great way to have a vintage feel while keeping an elegant, classy vibe. Besides that, you can use string lights and antique-looking bulbs to literally give your wedding a vintage look.

Don’t forget about our other tips either! You can definitely combine them for some great results. For example, you can put a candle in an old tea tin for a cute centrepiece. Or you could search some secondhand stores or buy some cool lanterns to light your reception.

9. Old Books or Newspapers

These cheap, antique papers are another neat way to create table settings or even to wrap some favours. The key with decorating for a vintage wedding is being creative with antique things you find or buy.

Using old books or pages of newspapers can add an interesting element to your tables, and even just add interesting decorations for different areas of your reception.

10. Wedding Favours

The wedding favours you hand out will be the final impression you give your guests. If you keep the favours with the vintage theme, they will definitely remember your wedding the same way.

You can wrap them in old newspaper clippings or book pages. You could use old tea tins, antique boxes, or little burlap drawstring bags to hold the favours.

In terms of the actual favour, there are so many ways you can go to keep it vintage, but it is always a great idea to search secondhand shops and to look online for some vintage inspired favours like wine stoppers, vintage bottle openers, or other antique trinkets.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to planning a themed wedding, creativity is essential. We hope that this guide could help you with some ideas to create the vintage wedding of your dreams.

If you have any other ideas or questions, leave a comment or contact us! We would love to hear your own thoughts on how to create an amazing vintage wedding!

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