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Pin-up fashion is making a comeback but it’s no longer about objectifying women.

Yes, the fashion grew popular in the 1940s to the 1960s because it was by men for men. There were dozens of magazines that allowed men to objectify women dressed in sexy clothing.

Studies have even shown that men today still treat women as objects when they see sexually dressed females. They no longer treat women as human beings.

So why are women getting into pin-up fashion again if it only makes men drool and stare?

Pin-up fashion is not what it once was. It’s now a fashion by women for women. It grants power and purpose in ways other fashion senses cannot.

For one thing, this type of fashion lets women feel like they have power and are in control.

Being Feminine is Powerful

For years, women relegated themselves to the background. They were there to dress seductively to please their husbands. Their function wasn’t to work in an office but to stay busy at home to clean, cook, and take care of the kids.

Those sensibilities have faded over time. Women are fighting for equal treatment. If men can parade around shirtless and proud then women shouldn’t feel ashamed of wearing clothes that boast their good looks.

For decades, women had to dress similarly to men to experience a level of power and respect outside the home. This is changing because women can express what they feel inside and let their wardrobe reflect those emotions.

It’s no longer a masculine world. Feminism is a growing concept in the world today. You no longer have to feel weak and pushed to the side for embracing your feminine side.

Pin-up fashion lets women express this change. It shows that women can dress sexy and feel powerful doing so.

Stay Comfortable Expressing Yourself

You are beautiful and you should dress the way you want to. People shouldn’t degrade you for being sexy and confident. Pin-up fashion allows you to comfortably express yourself to the world.

Some women use pin-up fashion to feel sexy or a little artistic. You can use the fashion to express a love for vintage fashion styles or to be quirky and different from everyone else.

Women can use pin-up clothing to dress modestly with a retro look but they can also use it to achieve a rebellious look too. Pin-up dresses can look great for women aiming to appear a little daring but you can also use it for a casual at-home look too.

Back in the 1940’s, pin-up models were all skinny and white. This is no longer the case. Many coloured women and girls of all body types are getting into pin-up fashion now.

The society also accepts women with tattoos more openly than before. As it turns out, 47% of women under 35 have tattoos. Pin-up fashion complements this as it welcomes women with tattoos instead of shunning them.

It’s Flexible for Every Woman’s Tastes

Pin-up fashion has a certain look but it’s certainly flexible with its variations. You can choose from a wide variety of clothes to still attain that perfect pin-up look.

Want to be a little seductive and alluring, whether or not you have a special someone? Red is the most common colour of choice.

Black, on the other hand, is the colour a lot of women pick when they want to feel confident and show they have a firm grasp on the situation.

Pin-up fashion caters to these colours. You’ll find pin-up dresses in black, red, and cream or white colours. Some focus on stripes and polka dots while others focus on a tight bottom to accentuate hip curves and long legs.

Are you a fan of pencil skirts and blouses with a low neckline? What about corset dresses or a polka dot dress? Pin-up fashion caters to those crowds too.

No matter what your taste is, you’ll find something appropriate for you in a pin-up shop.

Keep in mind that pin-up fashion also works with a variety of hairstyles. This is unlike other fashion trends where your hair has to be a certain way. With pin-up clothing, you can sport short hair in curls or long hair complemented by a red polka dot neckerchief.

It Has No Age Limit

The great thing about pin-up fashion is that it caters to women of all ages.

When pin-up fashion first emerged in the 1940s and 1950s, it featured young women in their mid-20s and 30s. You’ll see them in magazines for overseas soldiers, cigarette packs, and posters.

Older women will gravitate towards pin-up fashion because it lets them reminisce the fashion styles of their youth. Younger women, on the other hand, can put a modern spin on it to make it look flashy and trendy.

Celebrities young and old are sporting pin-up hairstyles and dresses. You’ll find artists like Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, and Miley Cyrus all sporting a variation of pin-up styles. They’re all from different genres of music and more importantly, they’re all from different age groups.

People might think that older women don’t have clothes that are trendy today but they’re wrong. The older you are, the likelier it is you have authentic, vintage clothes that you can use for great pin-up attire.

Get an Objective View of Yourself

Sometimes it’s hard to get an objective opinion about your body and the way you dress. Looking into a mirror can form bias opinions, making you judge yourself for no reason at all.

Many people misjudge themselves because they don’t fit in with everybody else. Conformity is comfortable for many, after all. You can get rid of these biases by putting on a pin-up attire.

Wearing pin-up clothes can eliminate the bias point-of-view. Try on pin-up dresses and let someone else take a photograph of you.

Organizing a pin-up photo shoot provides an outside look and you’ll see you don’t have to fit in with the rest of the crowd to feel beautiful and sexy.

If men objectify women based on what women wear, you can take a step back and look for yourself how you appear. This is what pin-up photography can do for you.

Pin-Ups are Bold and Unapologetic

Women dressing up in this fashion embrace a bold, brazen, and confident look on life. They dress sexy and don’t step down. These are women who don’t let others step on them or take advantage of them.

This isn’t only relevant for women today, but it represents the ongoing change women are fighting for. Pin-ups help express the concept that women don’t have to be meek and submissive in the community anymore. It lets women stand out as strong while still being feminine.

You don’t have to apologise for dressing this way. Why should you when you’re appreciating your own beauty and a fashion style that works for you? That attitude is what fuels the pin-up community.

Reinvent yourself and step out from the shadows. Pin-ups give you the opportunity to do so boldly. Another good thing is that dressing up can be a lot of fun.

Have Fun with Pin-Up Fashion!

There’s no denying that dressing up is fun. You can try pin-up only for one occasion or you can make it an everyday thing. As long as you have fun and beautiful, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Remember that pin-up isn’t only about the clothes. It also deals with retro hairstyles, makeup, and accessories. You can spend a long time fixing yourself up and for a lot of women, that’s part of the fun.

Having fun should be reason enough to give the pin-up style a try. Being able to enjoy a person’s beauty and sexiness is empowering and can boost a woman’s self-confidence.

Men get to do this all the time. Men’s fashion allows them to dress in fun and empowering ways. It lets them enjoy their clothing while feeling masculine at the same time.

Now women can do the same.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to stay alone. There’s a growing community of other women getting into the pin-up style. You can step out from the confines of your home and enjoy being yourself with people who appreciate it too.

You can join conventions, launch your own photo shoot, or have fun with your hair and makeup. You can step away from the confines of your identity and try something new, allowing yourself to reinvent the way you look at yourself.

Pin-Ups Help You Conquer Your Fears and Honour Women’s Strengths

For decades, the society taught women to hide their sensual side. It was uncommon and even shunned to see a woman embrace her sensuality with the way she dressed and behaved.

You can discard that way of thinking today. Many women fought for the ability to dress freely. By trying on pin-ups you’re honouring those women and the struggles they went through.

At the same time, you can step outside the box and conquer your fears. Many women want to dress in ways that show-off their body and their beauty but they fear the negative opinions others would throw at them.

Wearing pin-ups help push those fears back down. You’ll not only defeat those apprehensions but gain a new sense of confidence as well. Pin-ups can be the gateway to other sexy outfits and means of expressing your beauty.

There’s a Community Growing Strong

With the advent of the internet, people are able to connect in ways they couldn’t before. Women who are into the pin-up style can now lift each other up and support one another even if they’ve never met before.

You’ll find dozens of YouTube channels focusing on pin-up clothing and hairstyles. Others focus on makeup tutorials or accessory reviews. All of these help women fully grasp and improve their pin-up wardrobe.

Tess Holiday is a plus-sized model and she continues to help the community grow. She promotes women declaring their strength and beauty regardless of their size weight. She’s gotten her fair share of criticism but she’s responded with optimism instead of hate.

It is models like her that keep the community positive. Celebrities like Holiday continue to enforce the idea that women can express their beauty without worrying about other people’s opinions.

You’ll also find pin-up conventions, where women can freely join and come in dressed up the way they want. No one will judge you because everyone is just as into it as you are. You can find like-minded people who fully appreciate the style you like and what it empowers or represents for you.

The biggest communities are the pin-up conventions. These events let women dress up and get together. You’ll also discover competitions like pin-up pageants or pin-up and tattoo modelling shows.

Free Yourself From Negative Opinions

Dressing up in pin-up fashion is going to attract a lot of criticism. There’s no escaping that. Men will judge women regardless if they wear something sexy and powerful or covered from head to toe.

Women who are a part of the pin-up community help free each other from those negative opinions. Instead of focusing on all the negative comments from strangers, you can focus on the optimistic messages of beauty and self-confidence from friends.

Pin-up fashion empowers and strengthens women because of this optimistic point of view. It allows women to celebrate their beauty, regardless of how they look. They can be young, coloured, skinny or not and still have the space to appreciate the way they feel and look.

Try on Pin-Up Attire and Be You

No one can tell you how to be you but you.

You should embrace the beauty and style within you. Free yourself from the restrictions and opinions of strangers. Do this with a choice of pin-up clothing.

Don’t know where to start? We have a large selection of 1950s pin-up selections for you to choose from. Any of these may be the right one for you.

Feel free to contact us regarding any inquiries or if you need help picking just the right dress for you. Unleash the power and feminine side in you.

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