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Are you a gal who’s into older fashion? Would you choose Elvis Presley over Bruno Mars? And do you idolize classic pin-up beauties over Victoria’s Secret models?

Retro glam is all the rage. Combine those Betty bangs and stop-staring dresses with tattoos and spikes, and you’re rocking the classic rockabilly style.

Several modern celebrities grace this edgy retro style movement. Among them is Gwen Stefani, who has served as a fashion icon since the 90’s. But Gwen Stefani’s secret comes from her individualistic take on classic trends.

Want to achieve the Gwen Stefani style? Take a look at her beginning style choices and how she involved into the modern rockabilly queen.

No Doubt Rocker

In the beginning of her career, Gwen Stefani was your typical rocker. Her hair was always eccentric, her clothes were edgy, and you never saw her without red lipstick.

But Gwen Stefani made sure she embraced this look each time she took the stage.

The Edgy Continues

As No Doubt started to top the charts, Gwen Stefani style started to top all expectations.

She was one of the first celebrities to grace vibrant hair colors and use unique makeup looks. Her style choices were already attractive but unique, such as wearing a blue faux fur bikini top to a music awards show.

Retro Beginnings

As she started to become a pop star icon, Gwen Stefani’s style started to evolve in the retro direction.

Her long blonde hair was cut into classic Betty Paige bangs. But rather than keeping her hair her natural color, she often dyed her hair in vibrant colors such as pink.

The Stefani Millennium

The start of the new millennium graced a new Gwen Stefani. Gwen Stefani left her punk attitude for a more polished look. But she still kept her bold roots, such as rocking red lipstick and rocker clothes.

Makeup Experimenter

As Gwen Stefani started to hone her individual style, her makeup began taking more hits than her wardrobe. Gwen Stefani started moving past her typical bold red lipstick look, opting for a winged cat eye or a smoky eye with a nude lip.

This diversity will soon prove Gwen Stefani is the ideal makeup queen, like how she’s known today.

Rockabilly Chick

In the late 2000’s, Gwen adapted the classic rockabilly look. She brought back that red lip and styled her hair in vintage do’s. Her wardrobe choices were sleek and classic, and her hair primped and neat.

Gwen also incorporated more vintage band tee’s in her red carpet attire, being at the forefront of the Hollywood band tee craze.

Gwen Today

Today, Gwen is as edgy as ever. Her combination of Hollywood class and rocker chick paved way for her rockabilly style.

Her makeup and hair choices accentuate this further; she always experiments with different makeup looks and continually dyes her blonde locks.

Whether her lips are bright red or her hair is bright pink, Gwen Stefani will always be a fashion icon.

Be Inspired by Gwen Stefani Style

One day, Gwen Stefani looks like downtown Brooklyn in her band shirt and bright red lipstick. But the next day, Gwen looks Hollywood as her hair is in long girls and she’s graced with a gown.

Gwen Stefani can do it all, but her look can be summed up as rockabilly.

But most importantly, Gwen Stefani is herself — and that’s the most important style choice of all.

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