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It’s true what they say: vintage never goes out of style. It’s one form of fashion that’s still current in today’s world.

While designers come out with new clothing every season, vintage remains the same. It’s that nostalgic feeling we get whenever we can get our hands on a great piece.

One item that’s invaluable amongst vintage-lovers is vintage scarves. The amount of detail is like any other. The saying: they don’t make them like that anymore rings true.

If you’ve found yourself a stunning scarf but don’t know how to wear it, don’t worry! We’ll help you style multiple looks.

Let’s get into it!

Around Your Neck

Needless to say, wrapping a scarf around your neck is the way to go. It’s a timeless look that can go with any outfit.

But if you’re tired of wearing it the same way, here are some new ideas. Check them out!

Leave it Untied

One way to look effortless is to wrap your scarf around the base of your neck and leave it untied. Doing this gives you a cool-girl vibe without looking overdone.

The One Shoulder Look

If your style lands on the edgy side, you’ll love this look. Sling your scarf over one shoulder and let it hand down in the front.

Just be sure to add fashion tape to hold it in place.

As a Choker

While metal chokers are great, making one out of a scarf is better. Simply fold yours in half and wrap it around your neck a couple of times to get a seamless look. Tuck in the ends.

On Your Ankle

Vintage scarves are a great way to get creative. Instead of wearing them the traditional way, wrap it around your ankle.

It works with cropped denim and a pair of loafers or flats to match.

Around Your Wrist

Sometimes a piece of fabric makes for the ultimate jewelry alternative. You have multiple patterns and prints to choose from so finding one to go with your outfit is easy.

Once you found one you like, wrap and tie it around your wrist. A small, thin scarf is best so it doesn’t become bulky when wrapped.

As a Belt

If you have a larger scarf you don’t know what to do with it, turn it into a belt! Wear it as you would a regular belt and tie a knot.

Or, for smaller scarves, insert it through one or two belt loops then tie it.

In Your Hair

You can either wrap it around your head or for a more creative look, incorporate it into braids or a ponytail. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to a monochromatic look.

On Your Handbag

If you scored a vintage handbag, you can easily style your vintage scarf along with it. Simply tie the scarf to one side of the strap. You can always untie it to wear around your neck if wanted.

Wrapping Up on Styling Vintage Scarves

You can’t get more classic than vintage fashion. There’s a multitude of new, modern ways to incorporate old pieces.

Need a dress to go with your scarf? Check out our latest styles today!

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