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McKinsey & Company’s most recently released report, “The State of Fashion 2017” tells it like it is. Namely, shrewd shoppers and disruptive trendsetters are changing the face of what’s hot, like that awesome striped dress you’re dying to accessorize.

Sounds a little like those of us knee-deep in the delightful pinup world, doesn’t it?

Ladies who love a little retro in their style know what they like, whether global fashion houses follow suit or not.

In fact, they can turn just about any outfit into 1940s or 1950s glam with a few simple modifications, including a striped dress.

Check out these three fast steps to making the most of your outfit and completely turning the fashion world on its ear!

Add Some Killer Shoes to Your Striped Dress

As Marilyn Monroe quipped: “Give a girl some shoes and she can conquer the world.”

Take Monroe’s claim to heart and add a dash of daring sizzle with super-high stilettos, rockabilly short boots, or blazing-red Mary Jane pumps.

Your goal isn’t to imitate the pinup era exactly, but to add some va-va-voom to your overall look. And the right shoes will definitely add some head-turning heat to anything you wear!

Choose a Classic Striped Dress ‘Do

Women living in the mid-20th century understood that in order to rock your locks, you had to have a plan.

As you put together your wardrobe for a day in the park or night swing dancing with your besties, remember your hair. Tons of choices await you, whether you have short, medium, or long tresses.

Not sure what will look best? Try any of these ideas:

  • Pin curls. These are staples of the retro era and can add some bounce to even the straightest hair. Make sure you give yourself enough time for the pin curls to set and dry. (Hint: You can hurry the process along with some hairspray.)
  • Victory rolls. This is the classic “I Love Lucy” type of hairdo that’s easier than you might think. Practice using online tutorials and you’ll be able to master this look so prominent in World War II.
  • Headscarf. You say you don’t have time to do much with your hair before it’s time to head out the door? Pull it back into a quick ponytail or messy bun and wrap your head with a pretty scarf.

Pull Everything Together With Fun Jewelry

No need to spend money on diamonds or semi-precious metals.

Women from the pinup era knew how to frugally look like a million bucks with fun jewelry that didn’t break the bank.

Look for chokers with faux pearls and whimsical, feminine touches such as flowers. Another staple of pinup jewelry is earrings and other items made to look like ripe, red cherries.

Don’t forget that you can even add a floral-inspired hair clip as an accessory, too.

Suddenly, your striped dress will go from great to gorgeous, and so will you!

Learn more ways to change every piece of vintage clothing you own with tricks and tips, including the right way to find a perfect retro handbag!

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