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The 1950s were a great time for fashion. And nothing signified the aesthetic of the period as well as the rockabilly style.

The fashion sprang up from the changing music of the time, most famously embodied by Elvis Presley.

The mixture of early rock and country western flavor with a little punk rock thrown in created the signature look for the era. If you’re on the quest to perfect your own rockabilly style, look no further than the 5 icons below.

1. Marilyn Monroe

One of the biggest sex symbols of all time, Marilyn represents the fashion and glamour of the 50s like no one else. She also happens to be #1 on our list of pin up beauties.

The actress, model, and singer was famous for playing the blonde bombshell and starred in classic films like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Seven Year Itch. She was also famously married to Yankee’s legend Joe DiMaggio.

Her boldly sexy style mixed with a whimsical charm has made Marilyn Monroe an enduring icon who’s still inspiring others.

2. Bettie Page

Referred to as the “Queen of Pin Ups”, Bettie Page was an influential model throughout the 50s.

She was one of the first ever Playboy Playmates of the Month and enjoyed a career on the screen and stage as well during that time. With her jet black hair and fashion sense that included vivid colors and embracing her sexuality, Bettie was emblematic of the rockabilly style.

This icon even had a career resurgence in the 80s after retiring from show business at the height of her popularity.

3. Betty Grable

Betty was one of the most successful and prolific actresses of all time. She enjoyed a lengthy career on the big screen, on television, and on stage.

She is probably known best, however, for the bathing suit photo that made her the number one pin up girl during World War II. That picture is so iconic it was included in Life Magazine’s “100 Photos that Changed the World.”

Betty was a true icon in the rockabilly era and beyond.

4. Jayne Mansfield

Jayne represented the rockabilly lifestyle even beyond fashion. She was an actress and nightclub entertainer known for wild stunts and embracing her sexiness.

At one point in her career, she was being groomed to replace fellow icon Marilyn Monroe by Twentieth Century Fox.

Jayne broke barriers and paved the way for other daring women to follow.

5. Dita von Teese

Although Dita was born after the rockabilly era ended, she fully embraces the look and attitude.

The entertainer, entrepreneur, and designer is believed to have re-popularized burlesque dance. She has added her own modern twist on vintage style fashion and sexuality, making her a true icon.

Dita von Teese is a great example of how to adapt something classic into something new.

Find Your Rockabilly Style

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