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Pin-up models have been around for a long time, going back to the 1800’s.

Calendars and propaganda made use of the sultry, but not risque images.

Getting pin-up portraits taken is booming in popularity. So much so, that you likely have friends or family members who have done it.

Ready for a photoshoot or just want to embrace this unique and flirty style? Unsure where to start?

Keep reading for seven pin up beauties you can take inspiration from.

7 Pin Up Beauties

1. Marilyn Monroe

Ms. Monroe is viewed as a prominent symbol of sexuality. She began her career as an actor.

When Monroe began modeling and working with pin-up photographers, she truly found her stride. Oddly enough, when nude photographs of her were leaked, she was featured as Playboy’s first Playmate of the Month.

2. Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth is most known for her pose in a black negligee. Her picture was a common item that troops had, so much that it reportedly was the second most popular pin-up picture during World War II.

While Hayworth posed for pictures, she also helped sell war bonds and partook in USO shows.

3. Bunny Yeager

When looking for pin-up inspiration, you must check out Bunny Yeager as one of the best pin up beauties. She spent many years modeling within the pin-up realm in Miami, Florida.

Eventually, Yeager retired, but did not leave the industry completely. She changed perspectives and became a pin-up photographer.

Yeager worked extensively with Bettie Page (read below) and provided Playboy with many of Page’s most popular images.

4. Jane Russell

You can’t enter the pin-up world without knowing about Russell. She was known as “sweater girl,” because sweaters showed off her cleavage.

Russells most widely known image depicts her wearing in some hay, holding a revolver.

In addition to modeling, Russell also was a successful actor.

5. Zoe Mozert

Mozert was a very talented person, being an artist and a model. She frequently modeled for herself.

She began modeling to pay for her art education and quickly gained attention. She was well respected in the pin-up illustration world, a world mostly dominated by men.

Mozert created numerous book covers, calendars, and movie posters.

6. Bettie Page

Page is one of the most recognized pin up beauties. She began modeling in the 1950’s and shot to fame with a playful personality.

Page is also viewed as a major player in the women’s sexual liberation.

Try taking Page’s signature 1950’s styles and adding modern touches to make your style unique and perfectly you.

7. Betty Grable

Grable took the prize of having the most popular pin-up image during World War II. The image was of Grable in a white bathing suit.

She was known for her legs, so much that her studio insured them for a million dollars each!

Get Inspired By These Pin Up Beauties

Now you have seven great pin-ups to find inspiration for yourself. In no time, you will be rocking your unique and strong style.

Consider picking up a polka dot dress for yourself and get ready to rock your feminity.

Which pin-up lady do you find most inspiring? Let us known in the comments.

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